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Elixirs of Life

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Elixirs of Life
Someone's in the kitchen...

Master Chef, Dirty Kitchen


1. Alien Secretion- 3 oz. Stolichnaya lemon vodka, 1 oz. Midori, 1 oz. Peach schnapps, shake and stir over ice, garnish with strawberry.

2. Big Easy Gin Fizz- 1 oz. Beefeater gin, oz. Cointreau, oz. Fresh lemon juice, oz. Fresh lime juice, oz. Simple syrup, 2 sprigs of fresh mint, shake and strain over ice, garnish with orange and cherry.

3. Bloody Mary- 2 oz. Sky vodka, bucket glass, ice, 8 or 9 shakes celery salt, 3 or 4 shakes pepper, 2 oz. Glorietta tomato juice, 1 tsp. Tabasco sauce, 1 tsp. Lea & Perrins Worcetershire sauce, squeeze of lime juice, squeeze of lemon, 1 dollop horseradish, stir over rocks, garnish with celery stalk.

4. Dusty Rose- 2 oz. Bombay sapphire gin, 4 dashes of grenadine, 1 oz. Clementine juice, oz. Simple syrup, egg white, chill, shake and strain into glass, garnish with rose petal.

5. Fraisette- Hulled Strawberries, 1 oz. Simple syrup, 1 tsp. Lemon juice, mint leaves, serve strawberries to chilled Veuve Cliquot champagne, garnish with mint leaves and remaining strawberries.

6. Hennessy Sidecar- Chill a martini glass, add ice & mix: 1 oz. Hennessy, 1 oz. Triple sec, oz. Lemon juice, shake and strain.

7. Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade- 1 part Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, 1 part Sweet & Sour Mix, 1 part Triple Sec, 2 to 4 parts 7- UP or Sprite. Add ice and stir. Garnish with lemon slice and cherry.

8. Kahlua Mudslide- Pour oz. Kahlua, oz. Irish cream liqueur, 1oz. Vodka and 1 oz. Milk or cream over ice.

9. Scorpion- 1 oz. Bacardi Limon rum, 1 oz. Bacardi Black rum, 1 oz. Brandy, cup fresh orange juice, 1 oz. Almond syrup, top with floating layer of Bacardi 151 rum, garnish with seasoned tropical fruits.

10. The Angels Kiss- 1 oz. Frangelico, 1 oz. Vanilla vodka, chill shaken into martini glass.

11. The Schmoozer- 1 oz. Glenfiddich Special Reserve Scotch, 2 oz. Cointreau, splash of sour, fill with pineapple juice, shake and pour over rocks, garnish with lime and orange wedge.

12. The Windex- 2 oz. Tanqueray gin, oz. Cointreau, splash of Curacao, garnish with lemon, chill shaken and strain into glass, garnish with lime

13. Tri-Cay Martini- 2 oz. Absolut Kurrant vodka, 2 oz. Papaya juice, 1 oz. Crme de banana, chill shaken and strain into martini glass, garnish with sprig of fresh mint.

14. Tropical Sunrise- 3 oz. Alize, 2 oz. Orange juice, 1 tbs. Fresh lemon juice, 1 tbs. Grenadine. Layer Alize, orange, and lemon juice in a tall glass over ice. Pour grenadine down side of glass, garnish with lime and pineapple.



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