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Veni, vedi, veci: ITALIAN Cuisine

>3 pieces whole manicotti
>1 cup artichoke salad
>150 mls. Gorgonzola cream sauce
>1/4 tsp. Salt and pepper mix
>1 tsp. Shredded Romano
>1 tsp. Chopped parsley
>60 mls. Crumbled Gorgonzola
*Place manicotti on plate covered with plastic and microwave for 60 seconds.
While heating, pre-heat sauté pan. Add artichoke and toss to heat, then add Gorgonzola sauce, and mix to heat completely. Season with salt and pepper mix.
Using a spatula, transfer manicotti to service plate. Lay next to each other in the center of the bowl.
Ladle hot sauce over the center of the manicotti.
Garnish entire presentation with Romano, parsley and crumbled Gorgonzola; serve immediately.

>1 package (226g) lasagna noodles, cooked per package directions
>6 cloves garlic, crushed
>2 medium onions, chopped
>350g ground pork
>1 cup each chopped Baguio beans, sayote and squash
>1 can (385g) Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce, Italian style
>1 cup coarsely grated cheese

White Sauce:
>1/4 cup margarine. Softened
>1/3 cup all-purpose flour
>1 1/3 cups evaporated milk combined with 1 1/3 cups water
*Sauté garlic, onions and pork. Cook for 5 minutes. Add vegetables and Spaghetti sauce. Season with 1 tsp. Iodized salt (or 1 Tbsp. Rock salt) and tsp. Pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes. Set aside.
White Sauce: Melt margarine. Blend in flour while stirring. Add about cup of milk at a time while stirring continuously until milk-flour mixture is smooth. Season with tsp. Iodized salt and dash of pepper to taste. Cook over low heat for 8 minutes or until thick. Set aside.
Grease a 13 x 9 baking dish. Make 3 alternating layers of pasta, sautéed vegetables, white sauce and cheese. Bake at 350*F for 30 minutes. Broil 5 minutes if desired to brown surface. Let stand at room temperature for 5 minutes before slicing.

>2 liters heavy cream
>10 pcs. Egg yolks
>240 mls. Sugar
>1 tbsps. Vanilla extract
>5 oz. Cold espresso
>1/2 lb. Melted chocolate
>2 tbs per custard
*Preheat over at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Scald (bring just to a boil) cream in stockpot while cream is heating, separate eggs. Discard whites and place yolks in mixing bowl.
Add sugar and vanilla to yolks. Combine with wire whip. Add espresso and melted chocolate. When cream has scalded, remove from heat.
Place mixing bowl on damp towel and begin whipping yolks mixture. While continuing to beat eggs, slowly ladle hot cream into eggs (240 mls. at a time). Cream must be added slowly while beating eggs or eggs will cook and will have to be thrown away.
Immediately whip egg/cream mixture to remaining hot cream in pot, stirring constantly. Strain custard mix through fine mesh strainer, to remove any shell or overcooked egg pieces, into suitable, clean container.
Pour approximately two liters hot water into hot pan then place custard cups into hot pan. This will provide a water bath for custards to bake in.
Using 180 mls. Ladle, pour hot custard mix into custard cups to fill up to 355 mls.
Cover entire hot pan with aluminum foil and bake at 300*F in the oven for 50 to 60 minutes or until custards are completely set.
Carefully remove hot pans from over and remove baked custard from water bath to sheet pan using tongs. Cover and refrigerate.
When cool, sprinkle sugar on top of each custard and caramelize with blowtorch. Return to refrigeration.

>1/2 kilogram pasta twist or fettuccini
>1/4cup onion, sliced
>1/3 cup Dari Crème
>1cup zucchini, diced
>1 broccoli floweret’s
>1cup carrots, sliced
>1 cup chicharo
>1/2 cup chicken broth
>1 pkg. (250 gm.) all purpose cream
>1 tsp. Salt
>1/4 tsp. Pepper
>A pinch of nutmeg
>Grated magnolia quick melt cheese
*Cook pasta according to package directions. Set aside. Sauté onion in Dari Crème. Sauté other vegetables in the following order: zucchini, carrots, broccoli and chicharo. Add chicken broth and simmer for three minutes. Vegetables should be tender yet crispy. Lower heat and add cream; blend well. Season with salt and pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.
In a bowl, toss pasta with the cooked sauce just before serving. Transfer into a casserole dish and top with generous amount of grated Quick melt cheese.

>30 mls. Olive oil
>3 pcs. Shrimp
>1 tbsp. Garlic (150 mls.)
>1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
>15 gms. Toasted pine nuts
>1/8 tsp salt and pepper mix
>30 gms. Chopped spinach
>15 gms. Asparagus
>30 mls. Pomodoro sauce
>30 mls. Heavy cream
>180 gms. Fettuccine
>60 mls. Crumbled feta cheese
>1 tsp. Chopped
*Preheat sauté pan with oil for 20-30 seconds, and then add shrimps. Sauté until shrimps are cooked on both sides.
Add garlic and cook until edges are lightly browned (toasted). Then add crushed red pepper and toss to mix.
Next add spinach. Mix well with garlic and shrimp. As spinach begins to wilt, add the asparagus, pomodoro, heavy cream, and heat until cream is blended with pomodoro sauce.
While sauce is simmering, drop the pasta into the water bath. Remove and drain away excess water.
Add pine nuts and hot pasta to the pan. Toss to incorporate all ingredients. Season with salt and pepper mix. Pull pasta from the pan and place in a pile on the center of appropriate plate.

>3 pcs. Sliced bread
>1/2 cup marinated tomatoes
>1/2 tbsp basil pesto
>1 tsp. shredded asiago cheese
>1 pc. Basil leaf
*Place garlic bread on sheet tray or pizza peel and bake in oven until both sides are toasted.
Remove bread from oven and ladle 2 ozs. Marinated tomatoes on each slice of toasted bread. Make sure marinated tomatoes have been drained.
Place remaining 2 ozs. Marinated tomatoes in a ramekin and place on center plate. Arrange bread slices evenly space around ramekin and points facing inward. Drizzle basil pesto over entire presentation.
Garnish with asiago and place basil leaf in center of ramekin.